HRDF and GIZ Welcomes Timorese Delegates on a Study Trip to Learn More about TVET

25. Aug 2015

K-12 Plus Project Partner, HRDF, in cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Office Bangkok welcomed a study trip for 9 High-Level Timorese delegates last 16th – 18th August 2015. The objective of the visit is predominantly for them to gain knowledge and experience from observing how other countries in the ASEAN Region are meeting vocational education and training challenges, as it is their aim to improve skill levels to advance their socio-economic objectives in Timor Leste.

The focus of the delegation lies on the following topics;
• Over-arching administrative structures in workforce development
• National standards, qualification development and quality assurance systems
• Management of links and progression toward national strategic goals and objectives
• Incentives for private sector participation and investments
• Achieving international recognition and alignment with ASEAN

Below is a photo of the Timor delegation who met with PCCI President, Mr. Alfredo Yao, HRDF President Dr. Alberto Fenix, jr, GIZ Technical Adviser, Mr. Anton Sayo, K-12 Plus Coordinator, Andreas Meyn and fellow Board Members of PCCI.


Philippine Chamber of Commerce Area Business Conference, Daet

20. Aug 2015

13-14 August 2015, Pineapple Island Resort, Daet, Camarines Norte
Theme: Strengthening Partnerships for Global Competitiveness
 K-12 Plus Project, together with German Philippine Chamber of Commerce were invited to speak at the PCCI Area Business Conference Chamber Management Workshop. K-12Plus Project Coordinator, Andreas Meyn, gave an overview of the K-12Plus Project. While Mr. Anton Sayo, Co-Chair of the PCCI TVET Committee spoke on "Business Chambers and Associations Role in Human Resources Development. For more photos, please visit our facebook page. Click here.


Commitment Signature Pledges Collected at the 24th Visayas ABC

27. Jul 2015

German Philippine Chamber of Commerce, project partner of K to 12 Plus, together with PCCI's Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF) was invited to speak at the 24th Visayas Philippine Chamber of Commerce Area Business Conference (ABC). One highlight is the signing of the pledge of commitment by Sen. Cynthia Villar and Cong. Roman Romulo. Sen. Cynthia Villar signed the pledge of commitment wall which has this excerpt statement:


"I personally commit myself to be involved in TVET and to start and catalyze the involvement of my chamber/ association in TVET. As such, I am expected to deliver the following: Secure the commitment of my Chamber to be involved in TVET by passing a Board Resolution to this effect.Organize a TVET Committee in our respective Chambers/associations, appointing a Committee Chairperson and enlisting Committee Members.My chamber will pro-actively convene a Local TVET Steering Committee, inviting the participation of the local TESDA, the local DepEd, local employees/union organization(s), local technical vocational institutions (TVIs), and local government unit (LGU). Identify local TVET champions.Our Local TVET Steering Committee will conduct a Study or convene a focused group discussion."

Sen. Villar mentioned that she is interested to know "how she could help fund" for "agriculture training". Cong. Romulo read the pledge of commitment before signing. He said it was a very good project!! Mr. Frank Carbon, President of Metro Bacolod Chamber also mentioned that the Metro Bacolod Chamber will also submit a resolution to revisit the Apprenticeship Law and Dual Training System Act of 1994 during the Presentation and Adoption of 24th VABC Resolutions. For more photos, please visit our facebook page here.


24th North Luzon Area Business Conference Location Ilocos Convention Center

10. Jul 2015

K to 12 Plus Project together with PCCI's Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF) was invited to speak at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Ilocos Norte - Laoag City Chapter's 24th North Luzon Area Business Conference. Where DR. ALBERTO P. FENIX JR., HRDF President and Honorary Chairman, PCCI and Chairman Tech Voc Committee, spoke on "Developing Globally Competitive Human Resources"  at the  Ilocos Convention Center.

Tobias Bolle, GPCCI's Dual Traing Project Director, explained the significance of Chambers of Commerce in Germany (IHKs) regarding TVET and DT, showed linkages to the PCCI Regional Chambers, and explained the role of GPCCI in general and in DT. On July 9, a TVET Panel, led by the Chairman of the PCCI HRDF Foundation Dr. Albert Fenix, was joined by TESDA and the GPCCI metal work cluster partners, namely Dr. Medrano from Senior High School St. Pedro and Mr. Rae Valencia from Malasaga Trading Corporation. 

Welcoming the Bangladeshi TVET Delegation

22. May 2015

K-12 Plus Project welcomed the Bangladeshi TVET Delegation to the Philippine Chamber of Commerce last May 20. 2015. Dr. Isagani Cruz once again shared the K-12 Plus framework to Technical School Principals.