HRDF President on Study Tour with K-12 Plus Partners

on 21 January 2016

During the period of January 16-23 ,2016, K-12 Plus Project held a Study Tour in cooperation with local Chambers and other Organisations in Germany, Technical Training for In- Company Trainers. Participants are Dr. Alberto Fenix, President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Human Resource Development Foundation (PCCI HRDF), Ms Maricris Capistrano, Programme Manager of PCCI HRDF, Manila Philippines and Ole Frahm-Reindell, TVET Consultant, Germany. This is Day 1 of the tour which is to visit Mr. Michael Olma to discuss the following:
1. K to 12 PLUS project progress
2. Revenue-raising activities of ZDH, services to members for a fee, etc.
3. Governmental relations and on securing governmental funding for, ZDH for their operations and for their projects.
4. How do ZDH lobby with government and with the public?
5. Relationship to Labour Unions
The afternoon meeting was with Mr. York Sievers of DIHK in Berlin. Issues discussed the same issues as above.



Second day of the Study Tour was at DEULA,with Dr. Klaus Drescher. Visit as well to Landwirtschaftskammer with the President of the Chamber of Agriculture- Landwirtschafts-jammer Schleswig-Holstein, Mr. Peter Levsen Johannsen. Berufsschule, Fachschule and Bauernverband Rendsburg. Landwirtschafts Kammer/ Bundesverband . Discussed were:

1. Exploring the activities and financing mechanism as well as technical cooperation e.i. Short- term expert support TE and other (beyond K-to12 PLUS, cluster: Agro Industry)
2. Agro training activities, agriculture occupations and training regulations, income generation and financing of training possible support to PCCI HRDF
3. Visiting Tour DEULA Rendsburg
The visit was also included Mr. Manfred Donicht, Ms. Sonja Donicht and Mr. Martin Maier-Walke.

On the third day of the tour on the 21st of January, the Project's Study Tour Group went to meet with Tarek Abulzahab at Sequa headquarters in Bonn. The meeting focused on the the progress of the K-12 Plus Project as well as the identification of activities by the study tour group which can be addressed to HWK Koblenz (i.e. back-stopping and construction cluster support) and Chamber support related to (cluster hospitality/ Tourism), among other things. Short term expert and adviser to K-12 Plus Project's partner Human Resources and Development Foundation Mr. Ole Frahm-Rendell was present along with HRDF President Dr. Bert Fenix, Jr. and Program Director, Maricris Capistrano.