K-12 PLUS NEWS: Makati Approves K+12 Pilot Testing

Makati Approves K+12 Pilot Testing

Manila BulletinManila Bulletin – Fri, Apr 20, 2012

MANILA, Philippines - The Makati City government yesterday okayed the pilot testing of the Kindergarten Plus 12 (K+12) program of the Department of Education (DepEd) at the city-owned University of Makati (UMak) this coming school year, urging new graduates to enrol in senior high school or Grade 11 to enjoy its benefits.

After a thorough study of the program, Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin S. Binay said he saw its potential benefits, making UMak the first among colleges and universities in the National Capital Region to imple¬ment the K+12 program.

The program aims to improve the quality of Filipino high school gradu¬ates by adding two years of senior high school to the current 10-year education curriculum.

Binay called on fresh high school graduates of Makati to avail themselves of the program and enroll in Grade 11 at UMak where they will be provided free school books, supplies and materials, uniform, and free transportation, similar to the privileges enjoyed by students in public elementary and high schools of Makati.

The mayor is currently studying a proposal to give free tablet computers to Grade 11 students and teachers and free lunch coupon to the enrollees.

Expressing confidence that the university is all set, faculty and curriculum-wise, for the pilot implementation of K+12, Binay said he also hoped that the new batch of sister-city scholars set to study at UMak will enrol in Grade 11.

In line with the program, university president Tomas Lopez said UMak will not open enrollment for high school graduates wanting to start college education at the University, and will instead offer enrolment in Grade 11.

However, Lopez clarified that paying courses, namely, nursing, radiologic technology (RadTech), pharmacy and accountancy, will accept first year enrollees.

"Since we had proceeded with our usual registration as early as January pending the approval of the K+12 program pilot test, we have already registered some incoming freshmen in the affected courses. However, we are encouraging them to stay on as Grade 11 students by explaining the advantages of the program," Lopez said.

As for those who cannot be convinced, Lopez said they are free to look for another university to pursue their college education.

Lopez said Building II of UMak, which will house the senior high school classes, is being renovated.

The two additional years in senior high school are envisioned to serve as specialization period for high school students, whether in vocational skills, music, the arts and sports. This would give high school graduates the option to pursue jobs with a basic education diploma or proceed to college.

Lopez said while they recognized the challenge of being the first to implement Grade 11, they were also excited to pioneer the program and show the effectiveness of the curricu¬lum designed to produce employable graduates after Grades 11 and 12.