PFK Mission Visits AFOS CCCI K-12 Plus Project

22. Feb 2016

The PPR Team Mr. Rolf Speit and Lorenzo Templonuevo accompanied by sequa Project Director Tarek Abulzahab visit the Cebu project clusters of Tourism, Construction and Food Manufacturing during the PPR mission February 16 - 19, 2016.


K to 12 Plus Project of Cebu sponsors Bread and Pastry Making Class

12. Jan 2016

The Tourism Cluster of Cebu K to 12 Plus Project employed a Senior Expert Service to teach BCPD Faculty and Staff Bread and Pastry Products from Germany. These German traditional treats would be added to the curriculum of the school for Baking and Pastry NC II and Cookery NC II so in turn the students of the pilot class will also learn how to make these delectable German breads and pastries.



Construction Cluster starts immersion with Cebu Partners.

12. Jan 2016

The Construction cluster Senior High school Grade 11 students of Zapatera visit the construction site of Primary Structures. Students of the Pilot Class for the Construction Cluster are deployed to the partner companies. They start their immersion in the month of October 2015, according to the training plan designed for Carpentry NC II. Students are being monitored and trained in the construction site by the In-Company Trainers.



Successful In Company Training for the Tourism/Hospitality Center by AFOS and CCCI

12. Jan 2016

Cebu K to 12 Plus Project recently concluded a fresh new batch of In-Company trainers who belonged to the Tourism / Hospitality Industry. These trainers come from restaurants who will soon be accepting students from the Hospitality / Tourism cluster of Banilad Center for Professional Development. The students will be deployed to the restaurants on November and their immersion will last until January 2016 as part of the dual training approach advocated by the cluster.


AFOS and Cebu Chamber Food Manufacturing Cluster launches Sept. 2015

12. Jan 2016

The Food Manufacturing Cluster for the K to 12 Plus Project was formed by AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development together with its primary project partner Cebu Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Food Manufacturing is a very important industry in Cebu, from dried mangoes to bottled preservatives, canned goods and processed meat. Cebu food manufacturing firms cater to a local and global market. It consists of companies who contribute a significant amount in the country’s GDP. The food manufacturing firm involved in the cluster include Magic Melt, Inc.; Anita’s Bakeshop; San Jose Bakeshop; Central Seafood Cebu, Inc. and Virginia Foods, Inc. These firms worked together with the teachers of Barrio Luz National High School and the TVI Philippine School for Culinary Arts to design the curriculum for Grade 11 and 12 Technical Vocational track under the Food Manufacturing strand. The students will train under the Food Processing NC I and NC II program that will prepare them for work under HACCP standards and give them skills important for food manufacturing. Additional subjects like Cookery NC II and Baking and Pastry NC II will give them a holistic set of skills that will shape them into world class food processing experts.