K-12 Plus Attends ECOP and ILO Report Launching

K-12 Plus extends its congratulations to ECOP for the launching of their report in partnership with the ILO. "Policy framework for improving labour market efficiency through more effective job skills matching in the Philippines". It was good to see DG Irene Isaac of TESDA at the launching event as well.

Workshop on Agricultural Qualifications and Competencies

K-12 Plus Project Partners namely: AFOS, GIZ and HRDF, together with TESDA hosted a workshop on Agricultural Qualifications and Competencies. This was in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI). Highlight of the worksop was when Ms. Bernadette Audije from TESDA presented the various NC trainings to the K-12 Project partners as well as to the group of Mr. Renato de la Cruz from (DA-ATI). PCCI Agricultural Chair Mr. Roberto C. Amores was also in attendance. This workshop was to help guide the stakeholders invovled in identifying training needs in order to see the feasibility of starting an Agricultural Pilot for the poject's next phase. For more photos on this event, click to visit our facebook page. 

9th Philippine Steering Committee Meeting

The Philippine Steering Committee of the K-12 Plus Project held their first quarter meeting today, February 8,2016. Partner representatives from sequa, GPCCI, PCCI- HRDF, PBED, GIZ, SBFIC and CCCI-AFOS each presented their year end report as well as plans for 2016. Special welcome as well to Dr. Rolf Speit and Dr. Lorenzo Templonuevo who are here on a 2 week assessment visit of the project. For more photos of this meeting, please click here to visit our facebook page. 

3rd Regional TVET Conference

K to 12 Plus Project partners led by Project Coordinator Andreas Meyn, sends a delegation together with Ms. Marissa Legaspi of TESDA, HRDF's Mr. Marlon Mina, Mr. Marvi N. Naval, President, Association of Laiya Resort Owners, Principal Rosales of Laiya National High School, Mr. Michael Scharwz of BIBB, K-12 Hospitality Consultant, Patricia Boton and GIZ Senior Adviser to the project, Mr. Anton Sayo all attend the third Regional TVET Conference at Vientiane, Lao PDR this 14-15 December 2015. The conference is hosted by the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The following information is from their website:http://www.regional-tvet-conference-laos.org/…/36.tvet-exhi…. It will bring together key stakeholders from politics as well as senior representatives from the business community, international agencies and civil society. The aim of the conference is to create a platform for high-level policy and decision-makers to continue and further develop the Asia-wide dialogue in the field of vocational education and training within the context of the AEC integration as wells as in the spirit of the process started in 2012 in Hanoi/Vietnam and taken further in Jakarta/Indonesia 2014.
In light of the various stakeholders are facing with regards to regional economic integration, this years’ Regional TVET Conference will emphasize four key topics, promoting the support of the AEC integration by enhancing inclusive and labour market oriented TVET development:
TVET Governance
Inclusive Vocational Education
Work process and employment oriented TVET
TVET Personnel
The conference will promote transnational cooperation and regional harmonization within the TVET sector in Asia and in ASEAN in particular (based on joint recommendations).
The conference is an opportunity to revitalize and build on the process so far and it will help share best policy strategies and offer new ideas. For more photos, please visit our facebook page by clicking here.

Bibb Cost Benefit Study on DTS - Preliminary Report Presentation

K-12 Plus Project, together with PCCI-HRDF, BiBB and TESDA presented the prelimary report of the findings of the Cost Benefit Study on the Dual Training System in the Philippines. The findings, under the supervision of BiBB's Mr. Michael Schwarz and Mr. Felix Wenzelmann, was presented by Dean Dennis Mapa, Dean of the University of the Philippines, School of Statistics, who was commissioned by the project and it's partners to conduct the research. This was held at the TESDA women's center and Director General Irene Isaac also attended the event. The final report of the findings will be presented sometime early next year. For more photos, click here to visit our facebook page.