K to 12 Plus Project successfully holds Communication Workshop

The K to 12 Plus Project successfully conducted the multi-stakeholder workshop on the integrated communication plan to improve the image of the tech-voc on June 7 to 9 at the University Hotel in Quezon City. The workshop that was facilitated by the University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Development Communication (UPLB CDC) led by Dean Dr. Ma. Theresa Velasco.

The workshop was attended by almost 65 participants comprised of students and teachers from both private and public schools; parents, and business enterprise owners.

This initiative to create a strategic communication approach for TVET came from the K to 12 Plus Project’s goal to elicit more participation, awareness, and involvement from various stakeholders in the Philippines to improve the image of TVET to all stakeholders.

Representative from Department of Education (DepEd) and Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) were also present in the workshop.

PCCI Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF) Inc. President Dr. Alberto P. Fenix, Jr. mentioned to the participants why it is necessary to create a communication plan in order to promote TVET.

“TVET is a good model of learning. It has been in the country for quite some time yet only few people have truly understood its benefits and potential for human resources development,” Dr. Fenix said.

He added, “Now that we have the K to 12 Plus Project that specifically helps the Enhanced Education Law specifically in the tech-voc track of the Senior High School, the Project wants to help improve the overall image of TVET thru the development of this integrated communication plan.”

PCCI HRD Committee Chairman Dr. Carl Balita expressed in his closing statement how thankful and beneficial PCCI for the communication plan which would aid the Chamber’s future initiatives in TVET.

“Before we had this workshop, we in the chamber didn’t know certain communication problems that were raised here were existing. Thanks to the stakeholders who attended, we now know how we can gauge our position accordingly. Salamat,” Balita said.

The event was sponsored and supported by the Project partners of the K to Plus Project such as PCCI Human Resources Development Foundation, PCCI Human Resources Development Committee, GIZ, sequa, AFOS, SBFIC, GPCCI, and ZDH.

Participants of the workshop did more than just write key messages and prototyped materials. The group was able to select key issues, identified specific stakeholders, and selected communication approaches which was reflected in the integrated communication plan produced

The complete report on the communication workshop will be emailed by the Project once finalized.

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