The Mechanic/Manufacturing Cluster is supervised by the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) which is part of the globally active German Chambers of Commerce Abroad network (AHKs). 

As of autumn 2015 we together with our partners are going to provide needed skills for industrial mechanics and machine tool makers. Milling, drilling, and filing are going to be taught to name just a few examples. One such partner will be San Pedro Relocation Center National High School. GPPCI and K-12Plus has partnered with them to launch the pilot for the Mechanic/Manufacturing Cluster. (See courses offered below).


This pilot at the San Pedro High School will also undergo our AHK certified "Train the Trainer in Business" Seminar -  providing participants from various German and Philippine companies that are part of the pilot, with skills that a good trainer needs to transfer key messages towards the students. These actions are our contribution in order to meet K-12PLUS Project’s overall goal: Introducing German concepts of vocational training in the Philippine educational system to provide the country’s fast-growing industries with much-needed skilled labor. For more information, you may visit this cluster's facebook page by clicking here.