Finance Cluster

Die Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) is a joint organization of the Savings Bank Financial Group. SBFIC is in charge of developing and implementing the Finance Cluster of the K-12 PLUS project for commercial qualifications in the Microfinance / Finance sectors.

Dualized TVET is being prepared within the TESDA Training Regulation (TR) on Microfinance Technology National Certificate (NC) Level II, with the following occupations in Microfinance front line account management: loan officer, account officer, marketing officer, product officer, socio-economic development officer, community development officer. MF NC II consists of 4 basic competencies (18 hours), 3 common competencies (74 hours), 7 core competencies (311 hours). Dualized TVET is also being developed within the TESDA TR Bookkeeping NC III for back-office personnel. Bookkeeping NC III consist of 6 basic competencies (20 hours), 4 common competencies (24 hours), 9 core competencies (248 hours).

 Since July 2014, there is ongoing technical assistance to enable NC, NTTC, assessors accreditation, and establishment of assessment centers for microfinance technology; preparatory activities for dualized TVET in MF K-12, MF PLUS, BK PLUS; methods enhancement for teachers-trainers-mentors; review school-based learning and workplace-based learning; developing Handbook of Workplace Mentoring in the MFI cooperators, developing Handbook of TVET Mentoring in SUCs, and technical assistance in preparing learning resource materials.

The Finance Clusters established as of February 2015 are the Microfinance (MF) Kto12 with the following cooperators - 5 membership organizations including People's Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC) and the Bicol Microfinance Council (BMCI), 6 MFIs including CARD and the Bicol Microfinance Consortium, 3 basic education institutes, including senior high school of CARD to be established in Mindanao, and national and regional TESDA. Microfinance in PLUS and Bookkeeping in PLUS with the following cooperators - 5 membership organizations including PCFC and BMCI, 6 MFIs, including CARD and Bicol Microfinance Consortium, 2 technical vocational institutions including CMDI technical vocational institute and Bicol Agro-Mechanical TVI, Bicol State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), national and regional TESDA.

Last November 6, 2014, SBFIC partnered with Sorsogon State College in the promotion of technical vocational education and training through the program called “Shaping Tomorrow’s World Class Bicolano Workers Today Through Practice-Oriented Education and Training Program”. The program will provide dual approaches to career and technical education training to cultivate competitive world class Bicolano workers with flexible high level skills and competencies specifically in information, media and technology. More information click here.

SBFIC also entered a joint understanding last November 11, 2014 with the Partido State University, Camarines Sur. The University is entering a collaborative effort with Sparkassenstiftung fur Internationale Kopperation ( a German Technical Cooperation Project) to implement their project called “Engaging the Partido Area Young People and the Families in Practice-Oriented Technical Vocational Education and Training”. This program aims to assist technical vocational learners in acquiring National Certificates of Competency. More information click here.