Construction Cluster

The K-12 Plus Construction Cluster was chosen as a Pilot Project of BKU/AFOS, DEG, DIHK/GPCCI, GIZ, Sparkassenstiftung, sequa, ZDH regarding Dualized Vocational Education and Training in the context of the “K to 12 Reform” in the Philippines. Project long-terms expert to the K to 12 PLUS project have participated in sector stakeholder meetings to begin the process of forming the sub-sector Cluster Management Structures.  

Consultations with sector associations and potential participating companies and assessment of the readiness of the industry partners, in particular the Philippine Constructors’ Association (PCA) is the focus. Cluster started when Vocational Training Schools/Providers who are involved in construction training were interviewed and almost all Training Providers stated that most construction companies do not only want to have a construction worker who has only one skill. 





K to 12 Plus Project’s Construction Cluster in the Visayas was formed by AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development together with its primary project partner Cebu Chamber of Commerce, Inc. The cluster has three major member organizations: Zapatera National High School as the Senior High School, PSEFI – SKILLS as the Technical Vocational Institution and the Cebu Contractors Association as the Business Membership Organization. Key personnel from each organization joined the Germany Study Tour and they were able to observe how the Dual Training system functioned first hand. The cluster got to work immediately after arriving from Germany when they conducted a day long Focus Group Discussion that produced the comprehensive curriculum for the senior high school Grade 11 and 12 Tec-Voc Track Construction Strand. Syllabi for the training subjects like Carpentry NC II and Masonry NC II were also formulated together with the SHS and TVI faculty members and representatives from the construction companies. Members of the cluster work closely together to give to the students the right instruction, the right practices ensuring that their training is at par with current industry standards. Immersion will give the students real life experience in employment thus honing their newly developed skills to a whole new level of mastery.


 After graduating from the early implementation of the Grade 11 and 12 program, the students will be more than ready to join the work force. The companies that are involved in monitoring the students’ training in construction and who will provide venue for their immersion are: Primary Structures, Paul-Dy Construction, Abraham Lee Construction and Konsult Constructions. To see updates on the Cebu Construction Cluster activities, please visit our facebook page here.